Who we are

We are computer geeks and techies, sales professionals and accounting nerds, entrepreneurs and matriarchs, customer service fanatics and storytellers, educators and lifelong students. We are family. We are joined together by one common thread: the ability to help students learn anytime, anywhere. As adults, we can all think back to that one (or few) teachers who had a lasting impact on our lives. Even as you reflect on those educators right now, how proud they must feel to know they left such a legacy. They are the people that inspire us everyday, eager to help more schools deliver those lasting impacts. 

What we do

Supporting students here in California and across the country isn’t just something we do; it’s our sole commitment and mission. At STS Education, we curate technology for modern learning and look at the total solution so technology can deliver meaningful results.


We take great pride in supporting our customers. Educators not only inspire our youth, but help them envision their futures and become vested stakeholders in their learning. 


STS Education prides itself on being an education-focused company. We focus on a subset of edtech products and solutions we find to address long-term trends, not fads. Most importantly, we emphasize professional development, adoption and assessment of those resources so that schools can effectively embrace technology for meaningful results.