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School districts can often get creative with many services they provide. However, the very schools in need of the most technology support tend to be smaller districts that can’t afford the staffing or resources to make it a reality. With limited investments in infrastructure and staffing, often these districts find their technology lacking and unprepared for today’s challenges. Whether a lack of network access to properly deploy a 1:1 program or a lack of security that leaves them vulnerable to cyberattacks, shared services offer a fresh perspective to this challenge.

Making Academic Return on Investment (A-ROI) a Reality

Edtech investments and initiatives among small school districts often are unable to deliver the sort of Academic Return on Investments (A-ROI) that educational leaders hope to achieve. Some of the most common challenges district officials experience:

Teachers spend more time fixing technology than integrating it into the curriculum.

Regular outages of devices and network that impede effective use of technology in the classroom.

The current school network cannot handle additional traffic to support a 1:1 program.

Inability to pilot new technologies in the school district, such as esports or virtual reality, because of concerns over installation and support.

Shared Services Customized For Your District

We offer many different shared IT services to meet your district’s unique needs based on your resources and budget. When compared to hiring traditional IT employees for your district, the shared IT service model is often less expensive and eliminates the headaches of recruiting, training and retaining qualified IT staff.

Below is a partial list of the shared services offered:

  • Google Management Console
  • Technology Audits
  • Technology Planning
  • Network Administration
  • Hardware Break/Fix
  • Managed Print Services

  • Hardware Installations
  • Professional Development
  • Phishing Email Simulations
  • Remote Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery

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