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Technology Procurement

A school’s technology needs changing all the time and so does its budget. Taking time to understand the options and evaluate your situation is the only way to ensure you get the right technology using the best procurement method.

Of course, having enough technology is just as important as having the right technology. That’s why we provide flexible procurement options.

Purchase – This traditional method is simple. When the type and quantity of devices is set, capital funds are used and the school owns the devices.

Leasing – A negotiated contract outlines the duration and payment schedule for the hardware. There are two types of standard lease agreements.

The $1 Purchase Option ($1 Buyout) at the end of the lease allows your school to create fixed costs, build equity that can be leveraged for more equipment year after year, and retain the benefits of a $1.00 purchase option lease structure. This is the best option for schools that want to own their equipment at term’s end, and/or seek to create a long-term budgetary plan for their systems.

The Fair Market Value (FMV) option is a traditional lease that offers low periodic payments and maximum flexibility for replacing equipment at the end of the term or other appropriate times. It is structured with an end-of-term FMV purchase option and is best suited for schools that wish to have a lower payment during the lease.

Rental – Primarily a short-term solution for temporary usage. When schools have situations like needing a temporary computer lab or providing replacement devices while waiting for delivery of new computers, renting can be a great option. A technology provider will supply specific devices and the school returns them based on the terms of the rental agreement.

Subscription – Device as a Service (DaaS) offers a cost effective solution that bundles hardware, software, support and services into flexible terms. This allows schools to easily adjust to changing technology needs while providing budget planning that moves procurement from a capital expenditure to a manageable operating expense.

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Regional and national procurement contracts expedite ordering and help secure competitive pricing.

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