Get the most out of your current computers

Device Reconditioning

Get the most out of your current computers with our extended life services. Every computer has a certain lifespan. As devices age their functionality and reliability diminish; however, there are things that can be done to prolong their usability.



As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we’ve perfected the craft of reconditioning computers to be first-class education technology.

Our 9-step reconditioning process to brings new life to older equipment. After external and internal inspections, cleaning, benchmarking, formatting, testing, and quality assurance check, we return your devices with our guarantee. Also during this process we can upgrade your devices by adding an SSD, increasing memory, and updating the OS to the latest version of Windows.

If your devices are visibly showing signs of wear and tear, we can even re-skin the exterior of your equipment, making them almost impossible to distinguish from new units right out of the box. 

Chrome Conversion

For some schools, stretching limited budgets for technology can be a challenge. While experts suggest that devices should be refreshed every 4-6 years, that’s simply not an achievable goal for everyone.

Transform your older PC and Mac computers into Chrome devices with Neverware and their CloudyReady solution. 

Built from the same technology foundation as Chrome OS, CloudReady is the only way to reap all the management benefits of the Google Admin console on a PC or Mac.

Thousands of schools around the world have already modernized their existing computers by installing CloudReady. Whether you’re revitalizing unused computer labs or leading a 1:1 initiative, CloudReady is the simple, cost-effective solution.  Innovative tech directors are embracing this creative option to provide unparalleled speed, simplicity, and security of Chrome OS on any hardware. 

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