adapt to changing technology needs

Device As A Service (DaaS)

IT needs are constantly changing. Student enrollment, new initiatives, and budget cuts are a few of the factors affecting technology plans.

Deployment, management, maintenance, and disposal need to be calculated to determine a true technology rate. Depending on the number of devices in service, schools could get caught unprepared for a large outlay of IT upkeep expenses. Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) can encompass all of your technology expenses (including professional development) into one predictable budget year after year. It’s more than a lease, it’s a long-range approach to addressing ongoing technology needs on your campus. 

Benefits of DAAS

Adapting to Change

Schools’ IT needs are constantly changing. Student enrollment, new initiatives, and budget cuts are a few of the factors affecting technology plans. A Flex Option in a DaaS agreement allows schools to add or remove devices without a contract penalty. Rather than have costly devices sitting in a closet when enrollments change year after year, an efficient DaaS program adapts to provide only the devices you need for that period of time. 

Providing Personalized Learning

Moving students from passive learning to collaborative engagement is the goal of a 1:1 technology program. For schools with limited capital relative to their number of students, DaaS allows for quicker implementation because of the lower initial outlay of funds.

Getting the Devices You Need

The right computer for any school depends on the type of learning environment, grade levels, student outcome goals, and curriculum. Having enough computing power is key to having an efficient technology plan. DaaS provides the ability for schools to afford better devices that are matched to a school’s goals without paying for more than they need.

Growing with Students

When students move up a grade level, their technology needs updating with new curriculum and assignments. A device that is designed for 3rd grade may not be efficient for 6th grade. Now schools can plan for student evolution and provide devices that best match the student/computer lifecycle without blowing their budgets. DaaS also gives schools the ability to upgrade technology more frequently, ensuring teachers and students can utilize the latest in education applications and curriculum.

Empower IT to Focus on Strategic Projects

Your IT department’s most precious commodity is time. They simply can’t proactively address all of the major strategic needs across your institution if they are constantly saddled with trying to manage and repair small issues impacting devices. A successful DaaS program frees up your internal resources, giving them the ability to focus on security, connectivity and greater efficiencies across your campus. 

Disposing of Devices

In a traditional purchase model, schools have to deal with IT asset disposition. The process of decommissioning and disposing of computers at the end of their lifecyle can be a resource drain on school IT departments, costing time and money. DaaS removes that burden and expense as the subscription provider takes back the computers at the end of the agreement period.

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