Keeping computers healthy


Computer wellness

Rehab for sick and dirty devices. 

Computers have a lifespan that can be prolonged with the right wellness program. Maintaining the health and wellbeing of a device is more cost effective than letting them get rundown. Slow running, malfunctioning and dead devices hinder learning.

How much healthcare do your computers need?

Research by the University of Arizona found that an average computer has 400 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat.

National Center for Health Research

For the life of your computers

We have different prescriptions that can be utilized independently or in combination.


Sometimes the only way to know if a computer sick is to run the tests. Just like taking a temperature, reading blood pressure or giving a stress test, if there is a issue, we will find the problem.


A little tweak here, a little tweak there and next thing you know it’s as good as new. Whether we’re fixing screens, replacing keyboards or swapping out hard drives, we will send your computers back with a clean bill of health.


Hearing your computer has a virus is taking on a whole new meaning. We use medical-grade fogging to mitigate the risk of pathogen transmission.


Everything gets dirty and computers don’t have a self-cleaning option. Our SuperTechs are surgical when it come to clearing the cobwebs, destroying the dust, shining the surfaces, and giving it that new computer smell.

Keep your faculty, students and staff productive and safe with happy, healthy computers. 

Computers have fans to keep them cool but it also makes them dirty. Pulling air inside the devices brings in dust and other airborne pathogens. If not properly cleaned and decontaminated, the crud inside a computer can be harmful to the device and to people that handle it.

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