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Our Chief Academic Officer, Elliott Levine, will help you navigate situations and challenges facing education technology.

The technology myth, “If you buy it, they will learn” and how it affects measurable outcomes.

How outdated teaching concepts might just prevent you from receiving the best ROI on your education technology.

It’s better to “invest” in a student vs. “student engagement”.

Upbeat talking points for the daunting challenges facing today’s Higher Education institutions.

Edtech Webinars

Learn from industry experts about new technology, learning environments, industry challenges and solutions, improving student outcomes, and all things edtech.

Pivoting to Remote Instruction with Interactive Panels

As remote instruction becomes more common in K-12, it’s paramount for teachers to be proficient in technology while still providing a collaborative learning environment.

Five Considerations for School Surveillance Systems

Learn the crucial elements necessary for maximum safety and security.

Surveillance experts from Verkada will discuss five key elements that can improve campus security and provide critical information in real time.

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