If you’re interested in Professional Development Services to help your Educators take their classrooms to the next level, contact STS today! Services available include but are not limited to:

  • Social/Emotional Learning Online
  • Using Google Workspace in Education
  • Google Educator Certification I and II
  • Using Microsoft 365 in the Classroom
  • Classroom Management using Technology
  • Promethean Flat Panel Training
  • Hybrid Learning Instructional Strategies
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Training
  • Accessibility Tools to Empower Learning
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer (MIE) Certification
  • Using Minecraft Education Edition
  • STEM Training (fully customizable)
  • AR and VR in the Classroom

…and any other Custom Workshop you can imagine! With over 100 education and technology experts on our staff, we likely have experience in your area of need.

When you work with STS for Professional Development, you get a custom tailored, platform-agnostic program available in multiple formats, from in person instruction to virtual or multi-school/location solutions. Just like your classrooms must, STS will meet you where you need us.

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Our Professional Development Services team has the ability and experience to develop a customized solution for implementation, consultation and professional development for Promethean Interactive Flat Panels. All training sessions are designed to engage educators in professional learning that is guided by their needs and requirements to help them seamlessly integrate technology into curriculum and instruction.


Promethean Flat Panel Training

Learn how to operate the Promethean Flat Panel so that you can incorporate media-rich interactive lesson plans into your learning space and enhance educational outcomes. Then, take that knowledge to the next level with lesson planning that not only uses the technology but is enhanced with custom curriculum-based training.

Using Google Workspace in Education

Learn how to enhance instructional techniques with improved collaboration and connection. Create, Organize, Share and Grade, all on one platform. Use simple tools to support student outcomes and do it all while keeping everyone’s identity and privacy safe.

Google Educator Certification I and II

Get familiar with the G-Suite of tools for educators with one of our Google Certified Trainers, then get even deeper into integrating these applications and prepare to take the level I or level II exam.

Social/Emotional Learning Online

Learn best practices and working strategies for teaching social/emotional learning online. Learn how to teach concepts like empathy and compassion, teamwork and communication, self- control, curiosity and more in a hybrid or all digital environment.

Using Microsoft 365 in the Classroom

Microsoft 365 Academy helps your staff explore the many powerful options available in this collaboration suite through simple sample lessons.

Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer (MIE) Certification

Earn your MIE Certification with these intense hands-on workshop where you build your school or districts’ capacity in just two days!

Learning Management System (LMS) Training

A Learning Management System supports efficient teaching and learning while boosting both engagement and achievement. Learn how to save time on daily teaching activities, track students at their own pace and reduce costs with a hassle-free implementation.

Hybrid Learning Instructional Strategies

As the pandemic showed us, the modern teacher needs to be prepared to teach to students who are both physical present and those who are not physically present. This requires a different approach. When instruction is all in-person- we can teach you strategies that help you be in two, twenty, or fifty places at once.

Classroom Management Using Technology

New tools to help you manage your classroom effectively become available all the time, but it’s not enough just to buy them. Help your staff understand how to control their students with internet-connected microphones and displays as well as screen sharing, monitoring, and safety software.

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