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Second-Life Hardware® | Reconditioned PCs

When you buy reconditioned computer hardware you save up to 60% vs. the cost of new and retain all the same capabilities. We procure, recondition, and redeploy Dell, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft, and Apple used PCs and restore them to first-class technology. These aren’t used computers— they’ve been refreshed and renewed to meet your needs.

The current chip shortage crisis has impacted the supply chain for new devices. Manufacturers such as HP and Lenovo are struggling to keep up with the demand for new hardware, with some industry leaders estimating that the shortage could last all the way through 2023. This means fewer new devices available for K-12 schools and districts. Refurbished hardware is a great way to bridge this gap, solving both the lead time and budget problems that many districts face.

Why choose STS Second-Life Hardware®?

Second-Life doesn’t mean second class. Call it refurbished, call it reconditioned, pre-owned, or used— Second-Life Hardware is great-looking hardware that’s up to the teaching and learning demands of modern classrooms. Think you know refurbished hardware? Think again! Here are some false assumptions about Second-Life Hardware we’ve uncovered while working exclusively with K-12 schools and districts over the past ten years:

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  1. THESE ARE JUNK COMPUTERS THAT HAVE BEEN BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE TO TURN A QUICK BUCK. Most of the PCs STS procures for Second-Life comes from corporations with well-developed IT programs that have cared for the devices properly since they were originally purchased. We’ve been assisting schools with these programs for 20 years and we don’t cut corners.
  2. THESE ARE UNDERPOWERED PCS AND THEY WON’T BE UP TO THE TASK. While it’s true that the latest hardware has more processor cores, faster RAM, and better CPUs, most applications used by students in schools don’t require a device’s full capabilities. When we look at gaming PCs as an example, people often spend three times more for a 5% to 10% improvement in performance. That sort of over-the-top hardware configuration isn’t needed for most applications in a school or Esports program.
  3. REFURBISHERS USE INFERIOR HARDWARE TO RECONDITION THESE MACHINES. All our devices are tested and must be certified to meet the same performance standards as new hardware before they are sold. Or, simply choose the custom configuration option if your school or district needs larger hard drives, more memory, or more powerful video cards.

Reuse beats recycle

Environmental Benefits
Refurbished hardware is an environmentally-friendly option, as well. It’s estimated only about 25% of all e-waste in the United States is recycled. The remaining 75% (approximately 50 million tons annually) often ends up in landfills where heavy metals like mercury and beryllium can leach out of the hardware and into the soil and water table over time. But, when you choose STS Second-Life Hardware, you can ensure students and educators have the hardware they need while helping to reduce e-waste.

Why partner with STS EDUCATION?

STS EDUCATION is a Microsoft Third Party Refurbisher and as such we follow their rigorous guidelines for registered refurbishers. This means that we only sell devices that have:

  1. Genuine Microsoft Windows products installed
  2. Been appropriately refurbished and tested
  3. Hard drives that have been wiped

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STS Second-Life Hardware: Nine-Step Certification Process

In addition, we have our own proprietary nine-step process which includes an exterior inspection, internal audit, detail cleaning, benchmarking, drive formatting, imaging, customization, quality assurance, and green packaging. All our Second-Life laptops and desktops have a Lifetime Parts Warranty, and all Second-Life Chromebooks have a Limited Parts Warranty through the Chrome OS expiration date.

Second-Life Hardware and STS are registered trademarks of Pacific OneSource, Inc. All rights reserved.

Second-Life Hardware Buyback Program

Don’t let the current chip supply shortage impact teaching and learning. Bridge the gap with Second-Life Hardware and when new devices are in stock, if you like, we’ll buy the refurbished ones back. After being visually inspected we will scrub the hard drives in accordance with district data policy, then either re-sell working units or disassemble them for parts. The ‘leftovers’ are recycled or donated for mixed media art projects. Don’t pay someone to take your old PC’s away— get paid for them!
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North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) selected STS EDUCATION to be the exclusive provider of refurbished gaming computers for its K-12 member schools.

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