Refurbished Hardware

We selectively procure Dell, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft, and Apple used computers of the highest quality and recondition them to be First-Class Teaching Technology.

Second-Life vs. New side by side comparison

Refurbished VS New

Can you tell the difference?

Compared to new units, schools can save between 40%-60% when purchasing STS certified Second-Life Hardware.

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Second-Life Gaming


North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) selected STS Education to be the exclusive provider of
refurbished gaming computers for its K-12 member schools.

STS Second-Life Hardware

Call them what you want…

Refurbished    Reconditioned    Pre-owned    Used

…the bottom line is they are working computers that look good, perform great and cost less than new computers.

Dell Elitebook E5470


For the computers that have been through our extensive 9-step process, we certify them as STS Second-Life Hardware and stand proudly behind every device. If they don’t pass our tests and requirements, we strip them of the working parts for reuse and recycle the rest.


Customized or Standard Configurations – You have options.

Standard Configuration
We maintain an active inventory of computers in our Quick-Ship program that are readily available and will be shipped out within 48 hours of receiving your purchase order. 

Customized Configuration
For schools that have specific requirements, we can take a base device and upgrade components like the hard drive, memory, and video card to fit your needs.

How we turn used computers into Second-Life Hardware.

Every machine is put through a rigorous inspection and performance testing process.  Only devices that pass our requirements are refurbished.

Our 9-Step Performance Process

  1. Exterior Inspection
  2. Internal Audit
  3. Detail Cleaning
  4. Benchmarking
  5. Drive Formatting
  6. Imaging
  7. Customization
  8. Quality Assurance
  9. Green Packaging


Second-Life laptops and desktops have a Lifetime Parts Warranty. See the full warranty terms.

Second-Life Chromebook have a Parts Replacement Warranty through the Chrome OS expiration date. See the full warranty terms.

Reuse Beats Recycle

Environmental Benefits

With the typical lifespan of a computer being four to five years, our society is generating “20 to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste annually” as highlighted in a 2020 New York Post article on refurbished computers.

Schools can avoid “contributing over and over again to the world’s fastest growing waste stream” as mentioned in a 2019 Time Magazine article on E-Waste. Today, less than 25% of electronic waste is recycled in the U.S. The vast majority ends up in landfills, potentially posting environmental risk as such hardware contains harmful elements such as mercury and beryllium.

Rather than buying new devices and further contributing to the problem, schools can purchase Second-Life Hardware to help reduce the constantly revolving door from manufacturing to landfills.

Phoenix Computers

Affordable Refurbished Gaming Computers

Phoenix computers are refurbished devices that meet or exceed system requirements for all major esports games. Additionally, the lower cost of these high-end machines allows schools to get in the game.

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Planning a refresh of your old devices? 

STS Buyback Program

Get cash or credit when disposing your older technology. Depending on quantities and condition, we may be able to buy your aging computers. There is value in your current devices that could be used to help fund your next technology purchase.
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