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When it comes to technology for today’s robust learning environments, officials look to pick manufacturers and models that can hold up to the rigors of everyday use.

Merely being “optimized” for education doesn’t recognize the unique issues impacting technology in the hands of younger learners. The crazier the issue, the more likely it may happen to devices in a school setting. 

We work with you to identify the specific use cases for the end devices, the intended users, and any infrastructure factors that may influence the decision- making process. 

We look for, and recommend technology that addresses four primary criteria: 

Recommended Technology

only The Best Quality

Our partnerships with HP and Lenovo represent best-in-class offerings for technology across all primary use cases. The variety and options for devices are just as unique as your students. 

DesktopsIncluding all-in-ones, traditional towers, mini towers, small form factors and mini/tiny form factors.

Laptops/ChromebooksIncluding traditional clamshell, 360-degree convertible, 2-in-1 detachable and slate tablet models.

WorkstationsIncluding traditional towers, mini towers, small form factors, mini/tiny form factors as well as mobile workstations and mobile workstation tablets.


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Get cash or credit when disposing your older technology. Depending on quantities and condition, we may be able to buy your aging computers. There is value in your current devices that could be used to help fund your next technology purchase.
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