Empowering Active Learning

Interactive Flat Panels

Interactive displays can produce meaningful results when used with the right tools and training.

Among the advantages they provide:

Academic Outcomes
 A 2009 study from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), written by noted researcher Robert Marzano, noted that using interactive board technology was associated with a 16 percentile point gain in student achievement. 

Supporting Active Learning
Rather than students passively listening to their teacher lecture, students can work together on the panel to solve a problem together. A wealth of software enhanced for interactive panels facilitates collaboration and brainstorming.

Embraces Kinesthetic Learning
Much of our devices in everyday life involve touch technology to interact with content. As many schools have eliminated pen and touch-based 1:1 devices for budgetary reasons, the interactive panel is the only touch technology in many classrooms.

Boosting Attention Spans
A 2018 study found early childhood students (ages 3-6) learn better through touch technology than with keyboard and mouse interfaces, and better than control subjects who used paper worksheets. And unlike tablets where students work solo, they may tend to collaborate on the larger interactive panel.

Enhancing Classroom Management
Interactive panels can serve as the tool at the center of classroom management. It becomes the shared communication gateway, keeping track of time for projects. Apps monitoring time and decibels in the classroom can provide simple reminders about behavior and conduct throughout the day.

Easy to Install/Maintain
Unlike managing a class of Chromebooks or laptops, once interactive panels are installed, they require little maintenance nor do they get damaged from day-to-day use. Managing a class of Chromebooks or laptops often involves regular disruptions due to maintenance and accidental damage.

Promethean ActivPanel

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Reasons to upgrade from older interactive whiteboards

Many schools previously invested in older interactive whiteboards that combine a touch-sensitive whiteboard with a projector. But, just as there were compelling reasons to upgrade from transparency projects, here are things to consider for moving to the next generation of technology.


Older projector-based whiteboards cast shadows.

Older projector-based whiteboards are affected by bright exterior light coming into the room.

Today’s panels are considerably larger than older IWBs, allowing teachers to feature more content at one time.


Older projector-based whiteboards require regular calibration any time when moved or when the projector is serviced.

Older projector-based whiteboards have a much shorter lifespan. Panels have a lifespan 2-3 times longer.

Older projector-based whiteboards need bulbs and filters replaced.


Older projector-based whiteboards are easily damaged when regular markers are accidentally used.

Today’s panels require far less IT support, are easier to upgrade, and have an expected life span of 50,000 hours.

Our Recommended IFP Partner

There are many companies that sell interactive flat panels, but only one meets the best needs of educators at every level. We recommend Promethean ActivPanels.


Here are just some of the reasons we believe Promethean offers the best experience for educators. 

Learning SoftwareAnnotation FunctionalityTouchpointsAnti-GlareWarranty
Promethean doesn’t charge schools to use its ActivInspire or Classflow learning software. Other companies charge schools annual subscriptions to use their software. Promethean offers true annotation functionality over any source capabilities without having to attach a PC to the display. Other vendors offer far less capabilities when a PC is not connectedPromethean panels can support up to 20 touch points (fingers, styluses) simultaneously. The top models from other vendors may only support 10. Promethean panels include anti-glare displays, making it easier for students to see in the classroom. Promethean includes 5 years of on-site support. 

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