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Audio technology for learning is evolving

When teachers talk students listen (well they are supposed to anyway), but do students hear everything that is being said? Comprehension drops dramatically when a voice is too soft or too far away.

Our learning space audio solutions ensure that all of your students hear everything you say, maximizing their attention and comprehension. Since every learning space has different conditions, a custom solution to fit your needs will ensure that both in-person and remote learners receive the same level of high-quality instruction. Connected solutions let you teach with confidence, knowing that remote learners are hearing every word with crystal clarity just like the students in the physical classroom.


FrontRow sound systems for learning spaces recognize that students hear differently than adults. Until they are more mature, the brain structures that will allow them to hear in less-than-ideal conditions haven’t developed yet. Pair a high quality mic with a soundfield speaker to make sure you’re heard everywhere they’re listening.

Children don’t hear the same as adults.

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Adding current factors like social distancing and masks to physical factors such as background noise equals a marked impact on teacher voice clarity and student comprehension. LightSpeed solutions use a portable speaker to project a sound field or integrate speakers throughout the space to reinforce the teacher’s voice.

Audio solutions remove hearing barriers.

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