Personalize Your Computing Experience

Accessorize Your Accessories

Just as every student is unique, so are the accessories that define the ideal and optimal computing environment. Whether for a student take-home 1:1 program, or designing efficient home-based working environments for faculty and staff, your STS consultants can recommend and configure a full suite of accessories to meet your needs. 


Working from a laptop for long periods of time can cause eye strain, resulting in discomfort and reducing productivity. Even your current desktop environment can see substantial productivity gains by adding a second monitor.

We offer LED displays of every size, both touch and non-touch, as well as display stands to accommodate two or more monitors for your workstation.


From office productivity, enhanced ergonomics or greater performance for esports gaming, we offer a wide selection of wired and wireless keyboards and mice to improve your input experience.



Webcams let you video conference with the world. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and quality. While most laptops come with a webcam built-in, stand-alone webcams offer other features such as greater field of view, auto-focus, greater resolution, low-light adjustment, and flexible positioning. 

By understanding the environment, the usage, and the important features, we can match you with a webcam that will make you look your best.  


Whether for the immersive nature of esports gaming, or the need to address noise reduction and allow students to learn and test at their own pace, headsets and headphones offer a wealth of advantages.

We offer a wide selection of headsets with inputs ranging from 3.5mm to USB to even Bluetooth to accommodate all of your academic needs. 

Virtual Reality Headset


Create a truly immersive learning experience by adding virtual reality and related mixed reality content into your academic setting.

We offer low resolution stand-alone headsets as well as high resolution models that connect to high powered graphics PCs to deliver uncompromised performance.


Investing in laptops, Chromebooks and tablets for your students but not investing in cases? With costly accidental damage claims on the rise, an up-front investment in cases can go a long way toward extending the life of your technology.

We offer a wide array of always-on cases and removable sleeves from a number of manufacturers.

Document Camera


Project content from your desktop to all of your students, whether they’re in the back of the room or across the globe. Document cameras are an essential tool for capturing and featuring 3D objects, small experiences, artifacts and pages inside a book, whether for live or to-record-for-video instruction.

We offer a wide selection of document cameras to meet your budget, with varying degrees of zoom and resolution.

Charging Carts


When it comes to charging carts, there are a wide variety to choose from. They come in many shapes and sizes and can accommodate any budget.

We work with you to avoid information overload and will be happy to show you optimized carts for your intended device, quantity of devices, tasks and budget.

Graphing Calculators


Graphing calculators help students visualize and improve their understanding of math concepts. Because standardized testing and college admission exams often prevent the use of computing devices, graphing calculators are a requirement for many secondary and post-secondary students.

We can offer a variety of approved options from Texas Instruments, HP and Casio.


Learning doesn’t always occur in physical classrooms. Whether teaching off-site or teaching virtually, empowering your faculty to annotate and deliver content seamlessly on a virtual white board is equally important.

We offer a variety of pen displays from Wacom, providing educators with a natural writing surface that connects to most Windows and Mac devices.

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