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STEAM Education

K-12 education has gone back to the drawing board.

Technology is the great enabler for STEAM learning. It triggers the imagination, enables students to visualize and conceptualize difficult subjects in new ways, and occasionally, encourages students to consider entering technical fields.

Lesson plans and learning styles are evolving into real world problem-solving. Leading that change is STEAM education, which is based on critical thinking, collaboration, research, and analysis. The new blended learning environment shows students how subjects are interrelated and how the scientific method can be applied to everyday life.

3D Printing & Modeling

Dremel 3D Printer

Dremel – 3D Printer – Grades 3-12

All the resources you need to get 3D printing integrated into classroom learning right out of the box. 30 lesson plans, PD course and accessories to expand your class projects.

Robo 3D printer

Robo E3 – 3D Printer – Grades 3-12

Engineered to fit anywhere in your classroom or makerspace, Robo C2 features an efficient 5″ x 5″ x 6″ print size, 3.5 built-in color touchscreen, class-leading print speed, automatic self-leveling, and prints more than 20 different materials. Make whatever you can imagine right from your mobile device using the Robo app.

Matter and Form 3D scanner

Matter and Form – 3D Scanner – Grades 3-12

This ready-to-use scanner can create high-resolution cans in as little as five minutes, with no assembly required – simply calibrate your scanner and go! Scan in full color, and view your scan in real time.


Sam Labs

Sam Labs – Circuits – Grades 2-8 

Coding through circuitry SAM Blockly is your perfect Chromebook solution, in addition to running on the Chrome browser on Macbooks. Making their start with SAM Space, students then progress to SAM Blockly and can naturally graduate to script-based languages in later years. This SAM Labs solution uses the familiarity teachers have with software like Scratch but adds in physical systems to bring STEAM learning to life. The software even integrates with other products, bringing added value to purchases that have been previously made for the classroom. Teachers can interact with the education community, sharing their lessons online and discovering new content from other teachers.


Microduino – Electronic Coding – Grades K-12

Microduino Educational Kits and our electronic hardware platform are valuable STEM educational resources. They deliver hands-on, project-based learning. Teachers can easily cultivate an interest in STEM by using simple tools that animate projects with function and purpose. Teach the basics of automation and programming while planting the seeds of engineering, creativity, design and critical thinking.


Soundtrap – Digital curriculum – Grades 3-12

Soundtrap EDU empowers students and teachers to explore creative sound recordings in all subjects for all ages and ability levels. Follow the latest curricula through music, podcasts, language training assignments and anything else that requires audio collaboration. Foster deep learning and develop students’ creative, collaborative and communications skills.

Digital Curriculum

Makers Empire – 3D design digital curriculum – Grades K-8

3D design curriculum customized solutions are designed to help teachers integrate design thinking by using 3D printing and design as an everyday classroom tool. Through our professional learning programs, teachers learn how to use 3D and design to transform the way they teach students STEM subjects and help them develop important design thinking and 21st-century learning skills.

STEM Fuse – Digital STEAM curriculum – Grades K-12

Using topic-driven challenges, coding game activities, and 3D modeling projects, students will experience how STEM is tied to the content they’re learning in the classroom. The STEM: IT series is split into three offerings: Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

Interactive Tools

Hovercam Pilot – Interactive Podium – Faculty

Pilot X is your new digital teaching station, designed to drive student engagement through teacher mobility. It combines every essential classroom technology into one convenient, wireless station, so teachers can spend less time setting up, and more time doing what they love…teaching.


Dash and Dot – Robotics – Grades K-12

Wonder Workshop offers a family of award-winning robots and age-appropriate apps encouraging hands-on play and learning to make creative problem-solving concrete and tangible. Dash & Dot are responsive robots packed full of capabilities that allow them to interact with students, their environment, and each other thanks to their multiple built-in motors, sensors, LEDs and audio capabilities.

Cubelets – Robotics – Grades K-12

Cubelets are the world’s first robot blocks! Uniquely designed, individual blocks are robots that snap together with magnets, teaming up to create thousands of novel robot constructions, each with new behaviors. Harnessing students’ natural curiosity, Cubelets captivate all ages* and scale to all skill levels.

Virtual & Mixed Reality

ClassVR – Virtual Reality Headsets – Grades K-12

Offers an affordable ‘standalone’ Virtual Reality headset complete with a unique student-friendly interface, gesture controls, embedded educational resources, and simple-to-use teacher controls.

Veative – Virtual Reality Headsets – Grades 6-12

Veative provides learning simulations for schools and industries, using immersive technologies such as 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Curating an ever-growing immersive content library (currently 650+ modules).

Merge Cube – Virtual Reality Cubes – Grades K-8

The Merge Cube lets you hold virtual 3D objects, enabling an entirely new way to learn and interact with the digital world. Merge Cube works with Merge EDU, our K-8 standards-aligned STEM platform for learning and creation. 

VictoryXR – Virtual Reality Curriculum – Grades 6-12

Cutting edge video production and computer animation delivers compelling and immersive VR learning experiences to secondary school students with high resolution. Optimized for the HP Reverb, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Victory offers over 240 unique VR/AR experiences and over 50 learning units. 

zSpace – Virtual reality AIO/Laptop – Grades 5-12

Not your average computer – As a hardware and software solution, zSpace delivers a stunning interactive experience by integrating the latest AR/VR technology in an all-in-one computer and laptop. zSpace utilizes three sensory characteristics to create a natural and intuitive product.

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