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What is the impact of furniture in learning spaces?

Environments can either enable or inhibit learning. Let’s face it; kids have a lot of energy and need to move. When students are restricted and uncomfortable they are distracted and lose their focus. A modern space is warm, inviting, flexible, ergonomically comfortable and helps students feel free to explore, and express themselves in a way that promotes collaboration. Additionally, comfortable learning spaces help build better communication and stronger relationships between classmates.

How Furniture Helps:

  • More focus can be placed on creativity and problem solving.
  • Dynamic engagement and participation are increased.
  • Various work group sizes can be accommodated.
  • Collaboration is supported through mobility.
  • Retention and student enjoyment is improved.
  • Technology is easily integrated.

Why modern furniture?

Modern learning spaces are designed for flexibility to be agile and quickly adapt to changing curriculum and teaching styles. They also simulate future workspaces and prepare students for the global workforce by teaching critical thinking. When combined with integrated technology, school branding, fun graphics, and interesting visuals, students develop a sense of pride and enjoy going to school.

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Integrate it and they will learn.

An integrated learning space is effective and efficient with a common focus that can quickly adjust to accommodate for in-class, distance, and hybrid learning. 

Throwing a bunch of technology and furniture in a classroom does not make it an integrated learning space. A truly integrated learning space is an ecosystem containing students, educators, content, technology, strategy, methods, and physical environment that all have an impact on formal and informal learning.

As with any ecosystem, if the key elements are not integrated, missing or under-performing, the results will be less than optimal.

Curriculum and teaching styles are changing faster than classrooms have evolved. Even makerspaces from 5 years ago lack the flexibility to meet the current education landscape while being ready for future needs. Individual assignments have become group collaborations while memorizing content has shifted to critical thinking. 

A modern learning space is flexible and organically integrates technology that is essential to student success. Future-ready learning spaces support constant access to connectivity and are supported by back-end technology to ensure student devices play a central role in the learning process. Twenty years ago, educators used textbooks and lectures, now it’s computers and digital content stored in the cloud.

Modern learning spaces accommodate changes in teaching and learning styles that effectively prepare students for the global workforce.

Integrated learning spaces vary from district to district, school to school, and space to space. However, a well-designed modern learning space incorporates four key elements: 

Connected Devices – Computers are a staple of modern learning. Chromebooks,
notebooks, tablets or desktops are how school work gets done. And, powering these devices requires sufficient outlets and/or charging carts.

AV Tools – Interactive displays, speakers, and microphones enhance presentations in the space. When combined with webcams, a live virtual space is created for distance learning. 

Purposeful Furniture – A flexible and agile physical setup that accommodates individual and group work translates to better student outcomes. The age of the students and purpose of the space will determine the appropriate seating and work surfaces. The right furniture can contribute to better student health and improve academic performance.

IT Infrastructure – Students are on the move and most are now using mobile devices. The modern learning space has become an exchange hub for digital content. With curriculum, management systems, and virtual conferencing being cloud-based, a network infrastructure that has high-capacity load balancing, scalability, content filtering, and cybersecurity is imperative. 


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