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Education technology works best when educators understand and feel comfortable blending it into their curricula and classrooms.

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We have an open invitation to educators, administrators, and students for tours and curated demonstrations in our Simi Valley, CA facility. 

There are three unique learning labs for you to explore. Additionally at our facility, you’ll find experts in education hardware, interactive technology, and education software, as well as our team of SuperTechs. 

You can schedule a tour or plan a professional development session at our facility by calling or completing the request on this page.

STS Headquarters

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Elementary STEAM Lab

Technology is the great enabler for STEAM learning. It triggers the imagination, enables students to visualize and conceptualize difficult subjects in new ways, and occasionally, sparks their imaginations about the future.

Secondary PHabLAB

A Fab Lab or Makerspace is a place for innovation, invention, collaboration and learning using a variety of technical tools and materials through digital fabrication. Students learn to be creative and turn an idea into a reality and use in the real world.

Academic Esports Lab

When adopted properly, esports programs in middle schools and high schools can be so much more than a fun activity. An effective program can heighten enrollment in Career and Technical Education (CTE) areas of study

Additional professional development through STS

Educational Collaborators

Educational Collaborators is a national consulting organization of many of the best practitioners in the field of education. Unlike most consultants, many of our collaborators work in schools today and see their ideas through to their fullest extent. Engaging current educators allows them to deliver the most relevant skills available. Staffed with over 100 collaborators across 38 states, Educational Collaborators has partnered with most major edtech companies to provide the widest array of on-site and virtual training for educators of every level. 

Educational Collaborators
Promethean Interactive Technology

The Promethean Professional Services team will develop a customized consultation and professional development plan for your educators. Each plan begins with a pre-consultation to ensure your educators are receiving courses that will impact their everyday teaching, and all training sessions are designed to engage educators in curriculum-focused learning.

Promethean Interactive Technology

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