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More than a Makerspace

A Fab Lab or Makerspace is a place for innovation, invention, collaboration and learning using a variety of technical tools and materials through digital fabrication. Students learn to be creative and turn an idea into a reality and use in the real world. Whether called Fab Labs, STEAM Labs, Hackerspaces, or Makerspaces, these “Project-Based Learning” labs are popping up in educational institutions all around the globe.​ A Fab Lab is not just for tech courses; all STEAM classes use the spaces to enhance their curriculum.

STS is pleased to partner with Palmer Hamilton to provide a turnkey approach to designing, installing and training your faculty to embrace inventive thinking with their PHabLAB solution. No lab is exactly the same, and is customized to meet the needs of your students and school facility.

The first phase of a PHabLAB engagement is a design and needs assessment.

Contact us today and schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn how a PHabLAB can deliver real academic results.


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