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Educators, students and parents alike are increasingly concerned about two substantive challenges regarding esports that prevent it from being both a healthy and inclusive environment:

Bullying/HarassmentBullying/Harassment – Gaming communication “can be hostile” and “misogynistic and hurtful.” Women report being routinely subjected to “nasty comments about their abilities, knowledge, appearance and tone of voice.” Codes of conduct can only go so far to change this behavior.

Health & SafetyEye fatigue (56%), back/neck pain (42%) and wrist/hand injuries (36%) reported among college esports players. While no data currently exist for K-12, once such information is published, it could create fear among school officials and board members to cancel esports.  PDF Source: Managing the Health of the Esport Athlete

Healthy Player ONE, launching for the 2020-2021 academic year, provides a secure method for capturing player conduct and proactively managing access time to help academic esports programs address bullying as game-related injuries that exist in most schools.

The first SaaS solution designed to proactively monitor and report on health and safety in esports, Healthy Player ONE is broken down into two primary components using client-based software and our cloud dashboard:

Harassment/Bullying Prevention

Injury Prevention

Whether to make your academic esports program more inclusive, reduce hostile playing environments, or to simply reduce your institution’s exposure to tort litigations due to injury or Title IX complaints, Healthy Player ONE is a way to proactively make your esports initiatives a positive experience for everyone. Contact us today to become one of the first academic institutions nationwide to take advantage of this new inclusive technology.

Learn how HealthyPlayer One makes esports safer and more inclusive for all gamers.

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