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Classroom Management

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Whether standing in front of a classroom of students or facing students in a virtual classroom setting, it can be difficult to keep students’ attention focused on the topic at hand. With digital and remote learning becoming more common, it’s a challenge for educators to assess what academic resources are actually being used by students in order to determine if they are having a positive impact on learning. Leveraging classroom management software can empower your teachers to maximize every moment of class time. New solutions can also proactively help school officials identify at-risk behavior. And lastly, device-use analytics software can help report what resources are and are not being used by students 24/7, potentially saving thousands or millions of dollars annually. 

Classroom management

GoGuardian helps you create smart and effective digital learning environments that work any way you want it to, without surprises. We’re as passionate about keeping kids safe, on task, and engaged as you are. With GoGuardian Teacher providing a view into your students’ online activity and providing you control over their devices, you can feel comfortable embracing technology in the classroom. Teach confidently knowing that your students are staying focused and on task. 

At-Risk Behavior Monitoring

GoGuardian Beacon is a suicide and self-harm prevention tool designed to help you proactively identify your at-risk students so that you can quickly get them the assistance they need. Beacon is unique in that it works across all of the content your students are creating, searching for and consuming online. This includes search engines, social media, email, web apps and more. It helps you understand the context surrounding an event by categorizing the student’s activity into phases. This reduces false positives and helps you determine the best course of action. Beacon was designed with the guidance of leading experts in mental health to ensure that it fits seamlessly into your school or district’s suicide prevention program. Go Guardian Beacon PDF

Dollars and “Sense”

The typical school system invests $75 to over $200 annually per student for instructional software and online learning platforms. According to Education Week, 40% of edtech district officials rank budget as their top concern over the next five years. Most schools today are unable to measure if those licenses are being used as intended, and reports from Forbes and Edsurge suggest that 50-70% of licenses are wasted annually (approximately $35 to $100/year per student). While some other products track “sessions” or “engagements”, PAPERbasket offers a unique method of tracking how much time resources are front-facing to students.Working across operating systems, at home or at school, it provides officials that ability to track use by resources, by students and by devices.


There’s an old adage that reads, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  In just 60 seconds you can learn how analytics can effectively measure the ROI of your edtech adoption!

Making Esports Safer and More Inclusive for all Students

Educators, students and parents alike are increasingly concerned about two substantive challenges regarding esports that prevent it from being both a healthy and inclusive environment: bullying and injury from excessive play. HealthyPlayer One, launching for the 2020-2021 academic year, provides a secure method for capturing player conduct and proactively managing access time to help academic esports programs address bullying as game-related injuries that exist in most schools.

The first SaaS solution designed to proactively monitor and report on health and safety in esports, HealthyPlayer ONE makes your academic esports program more inclusive, reduces hostile playing environments and your institution’s exposure to tort litigation due to injury or Title IX complaints. HealthyPlayer ONE is a way to proactively make your esports initiative a positive experience for everyone. Contact us today to become one of the first academic institutions nationwide to take advantage of this new inclusive technology.  Learn more… 

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