Furniture for Modern Learning Spaces

Furniture for K-12 Education

Furniture is a vital part of modern, technologically integrated learning spaces. The right furniture sets the tone for Social Emotional Learning and facilitates Career Technical Education principles, while also incorporating emerging teaching and learning styles and simultaneously serving co-located students.

STS EDUCATION and our vendor partners strive to create learning spaces that aren’t just functional and future-proof, efficient and purposefully designed to raise student outcomes.

Welcome Them Back to the Classroom with A ‘Whoah’

Traditional clasrooms foster traditional outcomes, but K-12 educational spaces are changing.
Future-proof leaning spaces with configurable, connected and considered furniture serving integrated learning space designs from STS EDUCATION.

A good percentage of K-12 students have spent the last year and a half in a makeshift learning environment, most commonly a kitchen table or desk in their bedroom with a laptop and whatever chair was available. The lighting was likely less than optimal, acoustics were probably poor, technical issues constantly arose, and in many cases hindered learning- how many times was a student marked ‘absent’ from a class because their Zoom call dropped in the middle of a lesson? On top of that, students sat still at their learning station for hours with very little interaction besides a talking head on a flat screen.

Welcome them back to class with a wow! New learning methods require new types of furniture, from reconfigurable desks and seating to soft surfaces, designated privacy or rest areas, and of course, telepresence technology to serve remote students. Future proof your school learning spaces and encourage the return to in-person learning with K-12 furniture from STS.


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Note: The following images represent projects STS and our vendor partners have worked on in the past and are for reference purposes only.

Furniture to Support Social Emotional Learning

modern classroom furniture
softsided furniture

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) benefits are well-recognized, demonstrating that an SEL-focused education results in positive outcomes for students, the adults they become, and school communities in general. Classroom furnishing is an integral part of making students feel safe, welcome, connected, and free to socialize and interact. Soft surfaces make students feel comfortable. Modular furniture lets students converge in small groups, discuss, break up, and reform. Non-traditional furniture can be used in therapy or counseling spaces to encourage students to relax and open up.

Furniture to Support CTE Outcomes

Integrated Learning Spaces

Career and Technical Education has come a long way from Home Economics and Wood Shop- nowadays, students are learning alternative forms of becoming working professionals- podcasting, shoutcasting, video production, casting and ESports tournaments, music and art production, and more. Modern CTE learning spaces mirror the environments that students will work in as adults, ensuring a seamless transition from learning to work.

Furniture for STEM Labs

stem lab 1
stem lab 3
stem lab 2

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) spaces have different needs than traditional instructor-led lecture spaces. Students need to be comfortably seated in ample working space, in a group, with easy access to the technology at hand. These spaces also need to be set up for high definition visibility so that the instructor can facilitate learning from anywhere in the room.

Flexible Furniture for Multi Use Spaces

flexible 1

The activity that defines a learning space determines what furnishings it needs. Whether you need a multi-station room to support CTE outcomes, a wide-open space with movable furniture on casters, or a 32-seat ESports coaching and shoutcasting setup, STS provides whatever you need to make your space whatever you want. STS also has award-winning, working educators on staff to consult and make recommendations about how to outfit your learning spaces.

Modern Classroom Furniture for Traditional Classroom Spaces

There will probably always be a place for the traditional classroom setup, so STS also carries a full line of desks, chairs, and other traditional furniture that you can reconfigure as needed. Please enquire about bulk orders or quick-ship furniture by using the link below to connect with a STS Education learning spaces specialist.

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