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Cybersecurity for schools

Your school is a data goldmine because student records are worth more than you think.

Hackers look at schools and see easy access to data they can sell. Small districts with limited IT staff and technology resources are typically the easiest targets.

One district reported testing their own staff with fake phishing emails. They found that 47% clicked on the link and almost 20% of the staff provided their personal login credentials inadvertently.

In The News

“The latest from the Department of Education is that a student record on the black market can be between $250 and $350. You compare that to a social security number, which is like 10 bucks.”

Education Week – March 20, 2019

Software for better security

Malwarebytes Education Site License is the best value to any educational institution wanting an easy-to-manage volume licensing program. The ability to deploy Malwarebytes solutions that scale with your school means you can grow while maintaining the integrity of your cybersecurity. 

  • Campus-wide coverage: Centrally protect your endpoints against known and unknown attacks with multiple layers of security—from your classrooms to your front office, library, computer labs, and all other departments 
  • Maximize security investment: Site license provides schools with our best Malwarebytes protection, detection, and remediation solution pricing 
  • Predictable budget planning: Site license lets you scale out your endpoint protection using a fixed cost, without the need for multiple purchase orders for seat add-ons or departmental expansions 
  • Flexible deployment: Malwarebytes Education Site License solutions provide multiple deployment options to fit your school’s IT environment and existing infrastructure
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Printers & Copiers
The Doorway to Your Data

school printer

Every network printer and copier on the planet is vulnerable to attack. Just like computers, they have hardware, a BIOS to boot up their operating systems, software applications and ports to access the internet. These elements can be exploited by hackers if left unprotected.

Printers and copiers are not equally secure. Some have minimal, built-in protections while others have very layered and integrated security features aimed at keeping hackers out of networks and guarding against various ramifications should the hackers still manage to bust through the fortifications.

How secure are your school’s printers? Find out with a complimentary cybersecurity assessment.

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