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It’s the foundational rule of education. Students must be and feel safe to learn.

Physical campus security is a concern for every school. The challenge for administrators is finding solutions to manage visitor access and monitor the campus that are affordable, effective and least disruptive.

Our Top Recommendations

Visitor Management System

EntrySign™ makes signing in and out quick and easy. It records attendance of staff, visitors and contractors, plus it can record student movements. With the Back Office Suite, administration can monitor who is in the building at all times, look up historical information, generate detailed reports and activate an instant evacuation roll call in seconds. The system can also speed up the process by pre-booking expected visitors and using optional QR-codes for quick sign-in/out access.

Safeguarding in schools remains a high priority issue. The EntrySign™ background check feature scans driver licenses to verify identify and cross-reference with national sex offenders and criminal databases, which are updated daily to ensure accurate information.

EntrySign™ integrates with many popular school information systems making it simple to import staff and students into the visitor management system. Where the SIS allows, EntrySign™ can even push data to the SIS allowing student attendance to be entered automatically. Staff, faculty and students can be imported easily using CSV files or through Active Directory integration.

Our multi-format readers support most contactless card technologies. Facilities with contactless technology in use (e.g. for access control, cashless catering, library systems or managed print solutions), can utilize their existing cards or fobs in most cases. Supported technologies include Mifare, Paxton, HID, Indala and many more. The EntrySign™ technology team can analyze cards or fobs before purchasing to ensure they’re supported.

Self-contained kiosks with integrated RFID readers provide a control point for the sign-in/out process. EntrySign™ kiosks are designed to be freestanding with no physical install required but can be secured to the floor with the supplied fixing kit. They can be used with contactless cards, fobs and optional QR readers. Only one power and one data point is required and multiple kiosks can be connected together for higher volume access points. Desktop solutions are also available.

This cloud-based application provides evacuation and roll call functionality from any internet connected device. Quickly and easily see exactly who is on your site at any time from anywhere and initiate an evacuation roll call instantly. The interactive roll call functionality allows you to check people off, marking them as safe, and provides a clear visual indication of any persons who have not been accounted for. EntrySign™ LIVE is an optional service available as an annual subscription.

New Features

Non-contact Body Temperature Terminal

Designed for standalone operation or integrated into a wider access-control infrastructure, the 8-inch body temperature terminal offers fast temperature screening for your staff, visitors and contractors. A wide range of configuration options allow the device to be configured for general screening using the built-in temperature sensor, and offers fast and reliable screening for elevated body temperature (typical measurement time < 1 second).

The built-in mask detection and enforcement function allows you to ensure facial coverings are worn where required.

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Touch Free Sign-in

– Visitors and contractors can now sign-in without touching the screen

– Improves safety and reduces human-to-human transmission of germs

– Supports ad-hoc/unknown visitors and contractors, plus pre-booked visitors


Smart Sanitization

– Reduces risk of human-to-human transmission

– Require visitors/contractors to sanitize in order to complete the sign-in process

– Helps to maintain a safe and healthy school/workplace

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EntrySign Temperture scan

Video Surveillance

With Verkada’s intelligent, plug-and-play video security system, it’s simple to scale cameras and improve visibility across schools of any size.

School districts of all sizes turn to Verkada to modernize their video security. From the hallways to the playground, Verkada empowers IT managers, school security, administrators, and even teachers with simple-to-use access to world-class enterprise video surveillance.

Verkada cameras

Simple to install, manage, and maintain. Cameras are ready-to-use, out of the box. Within 15 minutes, the system is brought online and fully operational. With end-to-end encryption and automatic firmware updates, cameras are always secure and no complex configurations are required.

Verkada Hybrid Solution

By centralizing camera feeds into an easy-to-use platform that requires no onboarding, find incidents of interest quickly. In emergency situations, share live feeds instantly via SMS or link and quickly get footage into the hands of first responders.

    • Monitor Anywhere – Access footage from any computer or mobile device with no downloads required


    • Camera Health & Status – Always know the health and status of your cameras including offline alerts


    • Simple to Set Up  – No NVRs/DVRs, thick clients or added configurations needed, just a PoE connection


    • Automatic Updates  – Automatic firmware updates keep cameras up-to-date and cyber-secure


    • Smart, Instant Alerts  – Receive a notification when a camera detects meaningful motion or tampering


    • Share Feeds Instantly  – In an emergency situation, easily share links of live footage via SMS or email


    • No Hidden Costs  – Reduce the cost and unpredictability of lifetime ownership with transparent pricing


Free Trial

We will provide you a Verkada camera and accessories with full access to the cloud-based platform for 30 days to compare your current security cameras to this new generation of technology.

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Verkada Camera

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