Integrated Learning Spaces

Design for Modern Teaching and Learning

The environment where students learn functions as the “third teacher,” along with the parent and the classroom instructor. The learning space itself helps encourage learning and boosts student performance.

STS EDUCATION brings the expertise of award-winning, working educators to integrated learning spaces design methodology. We provide more than just furniture and a technology stack- our experts work with your team to make considered decisions about how to outfit your learning spaces for better outcomes.

Education is changing rapidly, with more focus than ever on student-directed outcomes. Every student learns differently and therefore reacts differently to their environment. It’s imperative to accommodate and plan for Social Emotional Learning using both furniture and design.

Future Proof Your Learning Spaces

The international pandemic has shown us all that accommodations must be made for remote learning in the future. Up until now, that has meant that teachers must co-teach to students that are physically present while being on a Zoom call with students who are not in the physical classroom for whatever reason. There are better solutions, though- our experts will show you how to integrate technology in the classroom that gets remote learning a lot closer to the experience of actually sitting there. Everything is affected by the environment, from the way the camera that is pointed at the teacher is set up to whether or not they wear an internet-connected voice amplifier.

Connected Devices

Students as young as Pre-K are using tablets, Chromebooks, laptops, and desktops to learn, wherever they are. When you design a connected lesson plan, it’s portable and repeatable, it’s more interactive and serves to lift learning outcomes. Connected devices help students tap into the power of the Internet, which has changed education forever- allowing students to research, collaborate, learn and create.

Presentation Tools

With mask mandates in many areas for both teachers and students, the pandemic certainly hasn’t made classroom communication any more straightforward. A flat-screen video call doesn’t cut it anymore- use tools that place your remote students right in the classroom with you using a complete tech setup. Make sure they can hear you with internet-connected voice amplification solutions as well.

Purposeful Furniture

A modern, integrated learning space fosters both Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and positive outcomes for all students. Instruction is evolving to be more student-directed, with the instructor as the facilitator. Why not give students the option to choose between different types of comfortable working spaces while still allowing instructors visibility into activities? Working in small groups and learning by doing is the order of the day.

Wireless Penetration Testing

IT Infrastructure

Much of the high-tech equipment in these kinds of learning spaces has limited functionality connected to a fast, reliable high-speed data network. When you
work with STS, we consider how people and devices will flow through these spaces and data. Modern Career Technical Education (CTE) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curricula are both enabled by the seamless integration of hardware and IT infrastructure.

Professional Development

STS employs award-winning, working classroom teachers and educational consultants that will come to the site and explain to your instructors why things were chosen and laid out as they were and how to use the space functionally for optimal student outcomes. Close the loop with professional development for your instructors- the area will be more fully utilized when they understand the design decisions that went into it.


North Mountain Middle School, San Jacinto, CA

STS EDUCATION worked with North Mountain Middle School in the San Jacinto district to create The Phab Lab– a unique, attractive, flexible maker space lab for CTE instruction.

STS coordinated all furniture, devices, and wall graphics into the proposed plan and, once chosen for the bid, coordinated day-and-date delivery, and installation between multiple vendors to create and install a space that makes students want to stay late to learn.

Integrated Learning Spaces

STS consultants help you make purposeful design choices and follow the process through from inception to installation.

When you work with the integrated learning space experts at STS EDUCATION, you get a partner that’s with you from idea to installation. Our experts will work with you to design a plan that considers the space, the students, the technology, and the budget- and then propose, debate, render and execute on that design plan. Contact us today to get started on designing a learning space to welcome them back to the classroom!



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