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Our Second-Life Hardware® provides incredible value with refurbished custom hardware for your learning spaces.

Save up to 60% over new hardware.

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Second-Life vs. New side by side comparison
New or Refurbished?

STS gives you extra scoops by putting all devices through our 9 Step Performance Process:

1. Exterior Inspection
2. Internal Audit
3. Detail Cleaning
4. Benchmarking
5. Drive Formatting
6. Imaging
7. Customization
8. Quality Assurance
9. Green Packaging

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Environmental Benefits

With the typical lifespan of a computer being four to five years, our society is generating “20 to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste annually” as highlighted in a 2020 New York Post article on refurbished computers.

Schools can avoid “contributing over and over again to the world’s fastest growing waste stream” as mentioned in a 2019 Time Magazine article on E-Waste. Today, less than 25% of electronic waste is recycled in the U.S. The vast majority ends up in landfills, potentially posting environmental risk as such hardware contains harmful elements such as mercury and beryllium.

Rather than buying new devices and further contributing to the problem, schools can purchase Second-Life Hardware to help reduce the constantly revolving door from manufacturing to landfills.


Second-Life laptops and desktops have a Lifetime Parts Warranty. See the full warranty terms.

Second-Life Chromebooks have a Parts Replacement Warranty through the Chrome OS expiration date. See the full warranty terms.

Customized or Standard Configurations

Standard Configuration
We maintain an active inventory of computers that are readily available and will be shipped out within 48 hours of receiving your purchase order.

Customized Configuration
For schools that have specific requirements, we can take a base device and upgrade components like the hard drive, memory, and video card to fit your needs.

Interested in New Hardware?
Throwing a bunch of technology and furniture into a classroom straight out of the box doesn’t actually make it an integrated learning space. STS can also help you build a thoroughly modern, connected learning space when you work with our preferred vendors for Hardware, A/V Tools, Infrastructure and Connected Devices.

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