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Academic Esports

When adopted properly, esports programs in middle schools and high schools can be so much more than a fun activity.  An effective program can heighten enrollment in Career and Technical Education (CTE) areas of study, break gender gaps for STEM instruction, reinforce character development, help young people explore a wealth of new emerging careers across the esports industry and give young people an advantage when applying to colleges. As highlighted by the High School Esports League, the organization has reported the following academic benefits among member schools:

What Are The Benefits?

80% of participants have never been in an extracurricular program

Participants see an average GPA raise of +1.7 when joining esports


Participants see a 10% attendance improvement

As institutions look to adopt esports, there are many things to consider. 

How do you livestream your tournament on Twitch?

What CTE career paths are open to students interested in esports, beyond the players?

Issuing a purchase order for some gaming PCs is the easy part. Failure to proactively address all the necessary facets to make academic esports deliver meaningful outcomes is mission critical, including:

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Resources to Help Plan and Launch Your Academic Esports Program

*Resources provided by HSEL and NASEF





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Upgrade a computer lab for esports, or design an entirely new arena:

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